Maintaining your car is an important element of road safety. Though driving carefully is good, but one of the best ways to avoid accidents besides that is to send your car for car servicing to a proper car workshop. This will prevent malfunction, breakdown or catastrophic system failure of your car.

Though your car might be well maintained or serviced, it is not possible to have a control over other driver’s car maintenance or their way of driving. Read below to know how lack of maintenance of a car can impact road safety.

Maintaining Brakes To Prevent Failure Of Break

For obvious reasons, brakes are an important component of a car. Lack of regular car servicing could increase failure chances and result in an accident- Reasons for brake failure are-

  • Brakes have moisture
  • Brake hose is defective
  • Corrosion and Rust is present
  • Brake Pads are Overheated
  • Brake Fluid is either leaking or low
  • Brakes either have manufacturer defects or are faulty
Improving Visibility by replacing Headlights
  • Many people don’t take the precaution of checking their car lights to ensure their functioning before driving off at night. In case the headlight malfunctions while driving or break lights are not working, that could result in others being exposed to danger on the road. Limitation of vision due to dirty headlights is also a problem. Obviously all of us want to avoid accidents, though driving a car in a pitch black environment can compound dangers, always take extra steps and drive carefully. And remember to go to a car workshop for car servicing regularly.
Maintenance of Tire for Better Control
  • Your tire can suddenly burst in the middle of the road and can cause you to lose control of your car. And the worst possible situation in which that could happen is on a crowded freeway where cars travel at extremely high speeds. If this happens, that will leave to a kind of accident that might cause many great injuries. Reasons for tire bursts could be-
  • Improper air pressure Air pressure is not proper
  • The car is overloaded
  • Hitting of a pothole
  • Car going over glasses, nails or any other sharp objects that could result in a puncture
  • While driving your car at a high speed, its essential to be aware of other cars and keep at least a car’s length away from the car in front of you and not to tailgate.
Were Your Injuries Caused by Poor Maintenance? Talk to an Attorney.
  • If Poor Maintenance was the cause of your accident then talk to an attorney
  • Its possible that post your car accident and injury, you may not receive the proper compensation that you deserve from the insurance company. Having a personal injury attorney who knows your legal rights and also knows how insurance companies must be dealt with will be your best bet at getting a favourable settlement.

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