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Safety comes first, that’s our car workshop’s motto. We want you and your family to have the drive of your life and that is why it is our car garage’s priority is to make your journey as smooth as possible



Is your car damaged beyond recognition? You came to the right car repair workshop

Car services before After Car service

There is no sign of the previous accident and any car dent or scratch. The car seems brand new.

No Matter What

The things we do for you

When customers get into an accident, this is what customers should do and this is what we will do on our side.

  1. Check if the vehicle is still safe to drive. If it is unable to, arrange for a tow truck for the vehicle to be towed back to the workshop for assessment.
  2. Ask or bring him to make a report of the accident to an approved reporting center.
  3. Arranging a replacement vehicle due to availability if no helping him to claim loss of use
  1. Liase with insurer and surveyor to conduct damage survey. If the owner does not want to claim, we will assess the damage and let him understand what is needed to be replaced or repaired and the cost.
  2. Surveyor to validate on the parts changed
  3. Installation of genuine parts and accessories, restoration of the damaged areas
  4. Proceed to spray painting if needed.

Lastly, after the car is fully repaired. We will conduct a quality assurance check by our professional and final check by vehicle owner prior to sign off and hand over.

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Singapore’s Road Traffic Accident
Situation 2018

The road traffic accident situation in 2018 remained stable. There were fewer road traffic accidents overall, but the number of fatal accidents increased slightly.

While there were fewer speeding violations and related accidents, there were
increases in the number of red-light running violations and related accidents, as well as drink-driving related accidents. Elderly pedestrians and motorcyclists continue to be of concern.

TP urges all motorists to look out for elderly pedestrians and give way to them. TP will continue to educate senior citizens on the dangers of jaywalking. Members of the public should also reach out to their elderly friends and relatives, to encourage them to abide by traffic rules for their own safety.


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car repair & servicing Singapore


Regularly servicing of your car can make the difference between it running smoothly and fuel efficiently. It is an investment that will save you even more in the long run, do not neglect it! Mark your dates and contact us.

car repair & servicing Singapore


We have a Team of well trained and experience mechanics to do all types of repair for your vehicle. Bring it down and let us do a thorough checks for your vehicle.

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Meet with an unfortunate accident? Do not panic, contact us immediately 81999149 we have a professional claim officer to guide you on what to do.

maintenance car Singapore


Offering competitive prices for your Corporate Fleet maintenance. We also offer fleet consultation and quote to help you save cost and time.

side-crash car


Professional car spray paint services for all types of car makes and models. Choose a color that you like and end it off with matte or glossy finish.

Gold Autoworks is a professional and reliable car workshop in Singapore that treats our clients’ needs and satisfaction with priority, operating with honesty, integrity, and transparency. Our car workshop in Singapore has the below qualities that caters to various needs and preferences of car owners.

  • We have qualified and skilled technicians in our workshop who are equipped with the knowledge and training needed to work on a wide range of car makes and models. Let us handle your Continental or your Japanese/Korean cars with confidence!
  • We use high-grade, authentic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts in our Singapore car workshop. These parts are purchased from reliable authorised vendors and suppliers. We never compromise the quality of the parts we use for the replacement and repair of your cars.
  • We carry out in-depth examination of your car, offer honest assessments of the condition of your vehicle, and only suggest services or repairs that are absolutely required. We don’t upsell clients on unnecessary car repair services or body parts.
  • For car service, we offer transparent pricing without unexpected or hidden charges. It needs to be clear to our customers what they are paying us for and why.
  • Our car servicing in Singapore provides guarantees on repairs and services, because we stand by the quality of our workmanship and parts used. This makes our customers peace of mind knowing that they are covered in case of any issues. If unsure, just check out our 5 star reviews on both Google and Facebook! Invest in your car health with confidence!
  • Our car repair workshop prioritizes high value on providing good customer service, treating clients with courtesy, professionalism, and respect. Our staff pay attention to the car issues of our clients and work hard to satisfy their requirements immediately.
  • Lastly, we offer a complimentary vehicle pick-up and delivery service to all parts of Singapore. If you are looking to send in your vehicle for your regular car servicing, just give us a call and we can arrange for a stipulated time to head down to your residence to pick up the car. Once the car servicing is completed, we will drive it back to your place of residence to return the car back to you. This can save you precious hours and allow you to spend your time doing things that are more important.

Apart from these, a variety of amenities provided by our car workshop in Singapore aims to improve client satisfaction and guarantee their comfort while their cars are being serviced. Some facilities in our car workshops you may like:

  • In our car workshop, we provide a cozy waiting area where clients may unwind while their cars are being serviced.
  • We provide Wi-Fi connection so that patrons can use the internet while they wait.
  • We have TVs or entertainment systems in the waiting area.
  • Clean restroom facilities for our customers.
  • Clients can have a drink in our air-conditioned office and patiently wait for their car servicing to be completed. Play the video below to find out more!
  • The workshop is clean, well-maintained, and professionally organized in all aspects.


Being a reputable and experienced car workshop in Singapore, we endeavour to provide reliable, affordable as well as transparent car servicing/car repair work to you.

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This is what differs us from our Competitor

Shuttle service

When you send your car in and realise that you need to leave your car behind for further works; we’ll offer you free shuttle service.

Pick Up & Delivery Service

We provide pick up service from your location and deliver it back to you once your vehicle is done


We tailor our recommendations to your needs and we won’t do any selling.

You Decide

We won’t do anything without your approval. Hence, you have a clear overview of the entire process.