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Gold Autoworks: Car Garage – New year, new look, new clothes but still the same old ride. The same old one that has somehow lost its brand new appeal. It still takes you to places but you no longer get excited. It has become a somewhat joyless journey, a routine road trip. Release the handbrake, step off the brake pad and let’s put the pedal to the metal, here are some affordable ways to rev-up your old car and make it feel a little brand new this New Year.

Roll your vehicle for an inspection at our car garage in Singapore. Regular vehicle inspections and maintenance at a reputable and experienced Singapore car garage is one of the most, if not the most, conventional, effective and reliable ways to spot a mechanical issue early and prevent it from becoming a contributor to accidents or worse, crash. You can expect the good people and mechanics of Gold Autoworks, a car garage in Singapore, to do a thorough check to make sure the vehicle is up to the safety standards. Gold Autoworks adhere to a 21-point safety check consisting of checking tyre pressure, steering system, turn signals, radiator level, inspecting undercarriage for leakage or drips, checking transmission fluid level, visually inspecting tyres, exhaust systems, inspect belts, check air filter, brake fluid level, fill lubrication points, radiator fluid protection, lights, visually inspect shocks as well as hoses, check P/S Fluid level, washer fluid, oil level, acid or base concentration of radiator fluid and inspect the drive axle condition on FWD vehicles or check the differentials and/or transfer case on RWD and 4WD vehicles.

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Regular, frequent and consistent reliable vehicle maintenance at the cars garage (based in Singapore) would ensure that your vehicle continues to perform and operate at optimal conditions while still getting you from point A to point B. Moreover, important fluids such as engine oil and coolants should also be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. In addition, ensure that your regular car garage in Singapore that you send your vehicle to, would check and replace other important parts such as the air filters and brake pads of your vehicle. Ensure that the brake pads, rotors, hoses and brake fluids are all safe for driving. The transmission should also be regularly serviced to ensure that it is running smoothly. If you are considering to do any modifications at any other Singapore car garage, it is advisable to comply with the maintenance guidelines set by the manufacturer to help prevent any damage to the engine.

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Another thing to get the Singapore car garage to check or revitalise is the air filters and the air conditioning of your car. Just like the air conditioning at home, the air conditioning of your car can experience a build-up of mould and bacteria, producing a funky smell through your air conditioning. The air filters help to filter out all the pollution, dust and dirt particles within your car. Gold Autoworks, a garage car in Singapore, provides the general repair or inspection for air conditioning of the car and can even do a quick change of new filters that are not only good for your overall health but improves the overall mood for any journey, getting rid of any lingering stink.

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Another way to revamp your old ride is to send your vehicle for wheel alignment at the cars garage in Singapore. Wheel alignment or tyre rotation ensures that your vehicle is safe for driving. The wheels and the tires of cars are indispensable, better tires and realigned wheels are the most surest way to revamp a car’s overall performance. A new set of wheels and tires will not be cheap but it is definitely cheaper than buying an entirely new car. Bodywork and spray painting in a garage car Singapore is another way to revamp your old car to a flashy new ride. Whether your vehicle needs a new artwork or vehicle body repairs, Gold Autoworks specialises and offer the best service. The people of Gold Autoworks are not your usual mechanics or craftsmen in a car garage Singapore, but actual passionate car enthusiasts. We are the trusted experts equipped with the right tools for the right job.

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