A great car is not just about price. To find a great car, we must look deep below the hood.  There are so many important parts that define a great car. One of them is the battery. While many of us still concern about engine and fuel capacity of a car, we often forget how important the battery is. Like the engine, a car’s battery plays important role in running your car batteray. Without the battery, your engine will not start, as well as the in-car computers, lamps, multimedia features, and everything else inside the cabin that requires electricity.

For this reason, every time you take your car to a car workshops for a regular maintenance, make sure you check the battery as well. If necessary, consider replacing your car battery to get fresh juice for your car.


In 3 years or less!

In theory, a regular maintenance can keep your car’s battery last for at least 5 years. However, this is just a theory. In the real world, most batteries will only last 3 years or even less. Just like any machine, every time you use and charge your battery, it will deteriorate. The more often you charge the unit, the less time span it has. After 3 years, you should look for a car battery replacement.

But, who knows when you have reached the 3-year span?

That’s a good question. Just like a living being, when your car’s battery is sick, it will show up some symptoms.


In the morning, turn on the engine and check the headlights. If it takes longer than usual for the headlights to turn on, there might be a problem with your battery.

Now, repeat the step in the evening. However, this time, make sure you turn on the headlights before the engine. If they dim, put your car in neutral or park and then reverse the engine. If they shine brightly, then most likely your battery is failing.


Your car battery can quickly decrease in the course of only a few months. Therefore, every time you bring your car to a workshop, make sure you check the performance level. If it drops below 30%, consider replacing the unit.


The rule is simple. The more advanced your car features, the bigger strain they put on your battery. Do you know that some latest computers can still drain power from your battery, even if you switch it off? These vehicles usually have advanced computers that keep the system running in the background and you won’t notice even a single bit of it.

Do not underestimate the impact of this idle computer. It may only drain a tiny amount of power at each time, but as it happens more frequently, the aggregate effect can bring a huge impact to your car.


Yes, if you bought your car or got your current battery 3 years ago. Changing the battery once in 3 years will keep your car running at its best and keep you safe on the road.

Come down to Gold Autoworks workshop and we will help you check your car batteries and replace it shows sign of failing.

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