How to claim car insurance after an accident – You have been a sensible driver, but unfortunately, you had a car accident and want to claim car insurance after the accident. We understand that you must be stressed and worried about further proceedings. Let us know if you need any help for we are here to help you with your car insurance claim.

Before you proceed, the first step is to make sure you access the situation carefully and maintain safety.

Call for an ambulance (995) and the police (999) immediately if there are any injuries and also take note that the vehicles should not be removed until the injured is evacuated from it. If any of the pedestrians are hurt and it’s a hit-and-run case, call the police. If no one is injured, you can bring your cars to the side of the road and start following the steps mentioned below.

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1) Take Pictures of Damage & Accident

The first step after you meet an accident is to take a detailed picture of the scene and the cars involved. Pay special attention to the angles from which you take pictures and make sure that you get sufficient pictures for the context of the accident. Take a zoom-in angle of all the damages to the vehicles. Wide-angle shots of the environment and context of the accident, like showing both vehicles at the accident scene would also be good. Also remember to take pictures of the surrounding area where the accident happened. Make sure you snap a picture of the license plates of all the vehicles involved in the scenes.

You need to be very careful while clicking these pictures, as you need to submit them to your insurer as proof of what happened.

A picture of a damage car as a proof to car insurer

2) Collect Information

Until and unless you crashed by yourself and nobody else was involved, there will be at least one other driver involved in the incident.

It’s important for you to take the details of the other driver with whom you crashed.

Following details must be collected:

  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s Address
  • Driver’s NRIC
  • Car insurance company involved
  • Other Contact Details

You need this information because if you want to make a claim and your insurer proves that it was his fault, they will make a claim against his insurer and you will not lose your No Claim Discount (NCD). 

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3) Report to your Insurer

Make sure you have the contact information of the insurance company in your phone. After you have collected the relevant information about the car accident, pick your phone and dial the 24-hour hotline number of your insurer at the scene of the accident itself to ask the officer how you should proceed further.

For some car insurance companies, you can only use their towing services to land for a smooth claiming process. By the end of the next working day, your insurance company will help you to file all the reporting and necessary documentation needed to be done. Make sure you bring all the details and evidence you have collected from the accident scene. 

4) Get your car fixed at an Authorised Shop

Your insurer will not help you in a claim if you get the repair done at an unauthorized shop. Gold Autoworks is an authorised car workshop in Singapore to help you with your repair. Gold Autoworks can help you with all the car accident services. We have specialists at Gold Autoworks with the technical knowledge to answer all your queries. Give us a call to enquire today!

A comparison of a car before and after repair at a car workshop

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