Our Services

At Gold Autoworks, we’re not just mechanics or craftsmen, but car enthusiasts too. We appreciate that all vehicles could use some TLC to keep them going longer with lesser hassle for you, and we put our years of experience to the test with each vehicle we work on.


inspection car service

Vehicle Inspection

Whether is used or new vehicle, we will do a thought check to make sure that it is up to standard.

air-conditioning car service

Air Conditioner

Bring it down as we will do a complete air-con inspection and servicing for your vehicle.

wheel-alignment car service

Wheel alignment

we make sure that your wheel is check to be safe for driving. We will also help you to do tyre rotation.

painting car service

Spray painting

Want to get your vehicle a new artwork? We offer you the best service we got.

battery car service


We have different brand of batteries for your vehicle and we provide free battery test for each servicing.

gear stick car service


Transmission gearbox require regular servicing to ensure that your auto transmission is running smoothly.

disc-brake car service


Ensure your pads, rotors, hoses and brake fluids are safe for driving.

car repair & servicing Singapore

Panel Beating

We specialises in vehicle body repairs, usually after the event of either a major or minor accident.

21 point Safety checks

Our technician will do a routine check which consist of:

  • 1. Check Tyre Pressure
  • 2. Check Steering System
  • 3. Check Turn Signals
  • 4. Check Radiator Level
  • 5. Inspect Undercarriage (for leaks or Drips)
  • 6. Check Transmission Fluid Level (on Automatic Transmission
  • 7. Visually Inspect Tyres
  • 8. Visually Inspect Exhaust System
  • 9. Visually Inspect Belts
  • 10. Check Air Filter (and Breather Element if Installed)
  • 11. Check Brake Fluid Level
  • 12. Check and Fill Lubrication Points
  • 13. Check Radiator Fluid Protection
  • 14. Check Lights
  • 15. Visually Inspect Shocks/Struts
  • 16. Visually Check Hoses
  • 17. Check P/S Fluid Level
  • 18. Check and Fill Washer Fluid
  • 19. Check Oil Level
  • 20. Check Acid/Base Concentration of Radiator Fluid
  • 21. Inspect the Drive Axle Condition on FWD Vehicles OR Check the Differentials and/or Transfer Case on RWD & 4WD Vehicles


We’ll always want to be different from the others by trying new approaches, simply because that’s what an industry like ours needs to have to have an impact.

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