Had a car accident? Claim insurance now.

Oh no despite your best efforts, an unfortunate incident happened! We understand that you might be stressed out and sad about it and we don’t want you to worry any further. Contact us at 6264 0995 for car insurance claim. We will be there within 20 minutes to take care of the situation.

Meanwhile, read and follow the following instructions-

How to make insurance claim for car accident

Although it is easily preventable, sometimes accidents just happen. And when it does (touch wood), with your heart beating fast and adrenaline pulsating, you might not have a clear, level head to think straight and act accordingly. Keep calm, you can manage the situation and prevent the unfortunate from becoming worse. This article would be detailing all the necessary steps you should take and all the important points on handling a car accident, what to do and what not to do to better manage the stressful situation. It would also include information on car insurance in Singapore, how to claim car insurance after an accident and if you should make a claim on your car insurance.

how to make insurance claim for car accident

Step 1: Assess the situation and ensure safety first

how to claim car insurance after an accident

Call for an ambulance (995) and the police (999) immediately if there are any injuries and vehicles should not be removed unless it is to evacuate the injured. If the accident involves an injured pedestrian or cyclist, a government vehicle or property, vehicles not registered in Singapore or a hit-and-run, you are required to call the police. For non-injury accidents, make sure that the involved vehicles are not obstructing any traffic. Move to the side of the road or a safe area, turn off the engine and switch on the hazard warning lights.

Step 2: Document evidence

car insurance claim

Take photos of the damages as documented evidence of the accident. Focus on the damage as well as capture the accident scene and surrounding details including lane markings as well as skid marks. Make sure the photos of the damages to vehicles include the collision and the licence plates of the vehicles involved. It is also crucial to jot down and exchange information of other drivers as well as passengers, pedestrians or witnesses who are involved. Information such as full name, NRIC, contact details, home address as well as insurance details are crucial if you wish to make a car insurance claim against the parties involved.

Step 3: Contact your insurance company

Car Insurance Claim in Singapore

You should keep the number of your car insurance agent, or the workshop you have been dealing with, handy for these unfortunate incidents. Call the 24-hour insurance hotline at the scene of the accident to inquire what should be done and how to claim car insurance after an accident. Different insurers will have different methods of making the car insurance claim. If the accident does not involve others and was just a momentary lapse of concentration or a mishandling, you should weigh out and compare the No Claim Discount to the cost of the damage and the amount liable from car insurance claim Singapore. It is your call to make whether it is worth to claim your car insurance at the expense of losing your No Claim Discount and paying bigger premiums next year.

Step 4: Fix your car and claim car insurance in one go!

Best Car Insurance Claim in Singapore

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What should you do if there is a car accident?

In the event of an accident, we are ready to help you in all matters of accident insurance.

Item No.

01. Take Note

Take down vehicle registration numbers and car insurance companies of the vehicles affected in the accident, including name, NRIC, address, and telephone numbers of the drivers, passengers, and witnesses

Item No.

02. Contact

With the information taken down, contact Gold Autoworks regarding the accident and provide us with the details including the time, location and position of vehicles during the accidents (ideally, with photographs).

Item No.

03. Service

Our professional claims specialist will be sent to you within 20 minutes at the accident site to assist you further with all the processes and steps necessary for the claim.

Warning : You are expected to make a police report within 24 hours if:

  1. Someone is injured and sent to the hospital.
  2. The accident involves a pedestrian or cyclist.
  3. One of the parties is a foreign registered vehicle or government car vehicle.
  4. Government property: Railings, Lamp post, Traffic signs, etc, is damaged in the accident.
  5. Third-party ‘hit-and-run’.