Finding the best car repair in Singapore is not just about finding a place to fix your car. It is also about finding the right place where the technicians will treat your car with the same respect as they pay to you. There are so many car repairs in Singapore, but even so, finding the best car repair is not an easy task. How do you know those mechanics are not lying to you about their skills? Many car owners cannot even tell the difference between a tampon and rim clamp. So, how can we tell a car repair is worth for our trust and price?


Here comes the first rule. Serious workshops are never clean. You can’t even find a dirtier place in the whole country than a serious workshop. However, while they can’t be clean, these serious workshops are well organized. You will be amazed on how they organize the tools. Serious workshops usually have the following characteristics:

  • They usually group the tools together,
  • They usually group all vehicle parts according to the type and size
  • They usually arrange the tires on the rack based on the size
  • They usually write schedules on whiteboard, planner, or calendar.

Here is my point. The best car repair is always organized. They are too busy if they have to search for things, so they organize it for faster search. The only downward is they are also too busy to clean the garage.


Unlike most businesses, car repairs usually depend on word-of-mouth to grow their business. This is the reason we rarely see any car repair ad on TV, radio, or even the web. These mechanics grow their business by building good reputation. Their service won’t stop after giving you the receipt. Instead, they’ll walk you through all items and great features they have. They want you to know that they have the best stuff for any issue you have with your car. They want you to know about these tools so whenever you have an issue with your car in the future, you will come to their place. They’ll even struggle to give discounts to make you believe that their workshop is the best place for you to go when you have car problems in Singapore.


The bigger the toolbox, the more experience the mechanics. Big toolbox means there are a lot of tools there, which only a veteran can have after so many years they’ve spent working in car repair. If your mechanic only has one toolbox or even sharing it with other mechanics, it’s safe to believe that he/she still has years to spend before he/she can become an expert in car repair.


Some car repairs are specialists in certain auto parts or brands. If you have a BMW or Mercedes here in Singapore, it is not difficult to find specialized car repair in Singapore. Other car workshops may specialize in particular services, such as brake fitting or attaching body kits. Sometimes, the best place for you to find out about these places is the car forums. You can ask other car owners there about the best car repair in Singapore for certain car model.

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