Planning to go for a car servicing at a garage in Singapore without an appointment?

Going to a car garage without making an appointment can be really problematic for a working person in Singapore, as it can kill a lot of your time. Suppose you planned to go to a car garage for a car servicing and at the same time 10 other people have planned to go and they reach there before you. You have to wait for hours to get your repair done.

Car Valet Service by Gold Autoworks

Secondly, you are a working professional and don’t have time on weekdays to get a car service done and you don’t want to waste your weekend in a car workshop looking for the maintenance and repair of other cars.

Why are you worried about wasting your precious time, when you have Gold Autoworks in Singapore?

We provide you the Car valet service, which means our mechanics pick the car from your home get your repair and car servicing done and drops it back to your home, meanwhile you complete a meeting or spend quality time with your family & friends. Gold Autoworks is there to make sure that you don’t lose any of them.

Now, you may be worried about giving your car for servicing to an unknown workshop, which might keep you perplexed. Let me help you in choosing the car workshop with valet service that you can trust.


A car workshop’s reputation is important. It’s necessary for you to check if any of your friends or known person has used the service earlier as word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing. You should check out their social media presence and engagement with customers. Avoid those workshops which have unsatisfied customers.

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Before giving your car to an unknown mechanic, check the review and details about the car garage as well as the mechanic online or directly calling the workshop to know about the mechanic before handing over your car keys.


Before giving your keys, it’s important to ask about the guarantee of the parts they are going to replace and repair. So that in future you again face the same problem immediately you have not to pay the heavy amounts again. 


Don’t hesitate in asking your doubts and details about the service of car. Even remember to make sure to ask the details about the driver or mechanic who has come to pick your car and the mechanic who has been appointed to take care of your car. This will prevent you from any future problem, as you have a record to cross-check for any problem. 

Gold Autoworks is the most reliable and recommended garage in Singapore for the car valet service during the car servicing process. We provide a FREE Car valet service to our customers.

FREE Car valet service

Gold Autoworks will come to your workplace/residence, pick up your car for car servicing, and send it back once done at your convenience right place and the right time. We currently have a Buddy Promotion Offer! Refer Your Friend and Get 20% OFF Each Refer Two or more Friends and get 30% OFF Each. Visit us to know more about our best car servicing offer for you with FREE Car Valet Service and Shuttle Service. Call us on +65 62640995 to know more!

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