According to a report by Cable News Network (CNN), there are approximately 600,000 private vehicles in Singapore. These car owners must be wondering what they should do with their cars during the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker?

We all know that if a car stays inactive (that means not powered on to drive around) for a long period of time, there could be damages to the car engine, exhaust, internal combustion engine and many other possible damages. Over at Gold Autoworks, we would like to share with our customers and friends on some tips that you can do with your car during this circuit breaker period.

1.Drive your car at least once a week.

It doesn’t matter where you drive your car to or how long you drive it for. What is most important is that you power up your car at least once a week. We would suggest that you drive it for your weekly trip to the shopping mall to buy your groceries. Alternatively, just drive it around your neighbourhood for a short trip. This beats just having your car parked there idling. The advantages of doing so are:

  • Keeps your internal car parts lubricated
  • Prevent your car tyre from being deflated 
  • Most importantly, keep your battery charged!
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2.Park your car in the right place!

Many friends that we know parked their cars at car parks without any shelter over their cars. This means subjecting your car to the grime of the dirt. More worrying though is the potential that bird droppings might fall upon your car. We all know that bird droppings are akin to acid on your car paint. If left uncleaned for a sustained period of time, your car paint will definitely be damaged!

car park in open area in hdb singapore

3.Do simple car maintenance yourself!

You may think that you don’t have to maintain your car since you are not driving it during this circuit breaker period. That’s not true! Do simple maintenance yourself such as checking the tyre pressure, making sure your battery terminals are clean, tight and corrosion free. Check your car brakes from time to time to ensure they are working appropriately.

4.Do not use your car handbrake!

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This could be surprising to many people. In fact, many of my friends use their hand brakes whenever they park their park. This has become a habit for them already. Many people do not know that when you leave your hand brake on for a sustained period of time, the internal parts may be seized and caused difficulty or even malfunction when you try to disengage the hand brakes.

We will suggest that you leave it in the Parking mode (for auto cars). Of course, this does not apply if you are parking on a slope. If you don’t have your hand brakes on when you park on a slope, good luck to you! You will need to talk to your car insurance specialists thereafter. 🙂

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5.Use a car cover

Many people always think that using a car cover is for exotic car owners who want to protect their Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Actually that is not true. During this circuit breaker, we recommend that you use a car cover over your car, even if you are parked indoors. This is to prevent dirt from accumulating and to give you a lesser headache when you are going to start washing it.

If you don’t have a car cover, try asking your car servicing company for 1. Most of them should have 1 for sale.

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In general, a well-maintained car not only protects and saves your life. It can also mean saving you huge savings in terms of future car repair and maintenance works. 

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