Find out more about the latest results of our Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

For Singaporeans who wish to register for new vehicles in Singapore must first obtain a Certificate of Entitlement (COE). COE represents the ownership rights of the vehicle and the use of limited road space for 10 years. Below are the latest offer results.
Premium Price quota of successful COE bids.
Change the difference between the current COE price and the previous price.
Amount of COE quota issued.
Accepted bids the number of bidders participating in this COE bid round.
The amount of premium quota (PQP) to be paid for COE renewal. Calculated from the average 3 months of COE price movement.

If you want to renew your COE price for your car and want to get a new car that you like? Let car evaluations services from our service assess their conditions. You can contact us via the website click here for more info.


COE Results 2019

coe 1
coe 2
coe open bidding results