What is car spray?

Let’s begin with “what is car spray?” Some of you may have heard of car spray but some don’t. Here is an explanation on what car spray is. Car spray is a spray paint that modifies the colour of your car’s body to beautify your car and add more vibrancy too. Car spray uses a spray paint such as Lacquer paint, Metallic paint, Matte paint, Acrylic paint, and Urethane paint. The most recommended paint that is used would be the urethane Paint . Urethane paint is the standard paint that is used in the automotive industry  compared to the other paints. For over two decades urethane paint has replaced acrylic paint as the best car paint and it is also the automaker’s preferred choice too. Urethane paint is the most durable auto paint and it is also chip-resistance, only when properly maintained and a coat of urethane paint will outlast most acrylic paint. The only disadvantage about urethane paint is that it uses chemical hardeners which makes urethane paint toxic and harmful for the human lungs.

How Much Cost to Respray Whole Car

Spray painting the car would cost about $300 to $2000+. This is a cost of standard paint job usually including sanding the body and removing rust before painting to get an attractive finish.  If you want and require a high-quality paint, you will be paying more to the thousands of dollars that can cost anywhere from $1000 to over $10000. This is depending on the car model as well as the complexity of the car and work that has to be done. Before getting any work done on your car, you should choose the right spray paint for your car which includes what primers to look for. For respray it will cost from about $200 per panel and a full body could cost more than $1300.

Here Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of Spray Painting Your Car


  • Looks much more better 
  • Has better rush protection 
  • Will increase the value of your car 


  • Takes up to 3 weeks to complete the whole process
  • It’s much more expensive 
  • Constant maintenance required 
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What Is Car Wrap?

That’s car spray for you. Now, moving on to ”what is car wrap?”. Most people had  heard of car wrap and it has been popular for years now. You would see young people getting car wraps due to the amount of colour scheme available for them to choose from. So what is car wrap? Car wrap is described as an aftermarket practice of completely or partially modifying your car original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different colour. This is called beautifying your car to your preference or liking.  Some people would go for the same colour but different finish such as gloss, matte or a clear protective layer. 3M car wrap price can range from about $1500 to $4000. This does not include the estimated time that the car vinyl wraps. The cost of the car wrap job varies depending on this few things:

  • Type of vinyl wrap used
  • Extent (full, closed-door wrapped, ¾ wrap. ½ wrap or just a simple graphic)
  • The duration of the car wrapping
  • Is there any prep work that has to be done
  • The number of panels wrapped
  • The amount of material used 
  • What car type and size
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Before getting to the price this are some benefit of car wrapping:

  • Achieve a custom look for your car, reflects your personality
  • Protect the paint work (original colour) from damage or natural hazards like small stone chips and abrasion
  • You are able to keep the original paint intact – lead to positive resale value
  • A cheaper version compared to other types of var modification 
  • For commercial car owners, its an excellent method of branding your cars to promotes your business and increase brand awareness

That the benefit, now here is the estimated cost of how much cost it takes to wrap your car:

Small Passenger Car From $2800
Medium Passenger CarFrom $3600
Large Passenger CarFrom $4500
Sport CoupeFrom $3800
4WD CarFrom $5100
Large 4WDFrom $5500

As you can see the price varies for the car model type. However for a basic colour it will cost about $800 and can cost cheaper if it’s only just partially applied. Since the prices varies, lets see whats the pros and cons of car wrapping:


  • Cost effective 
  • Easy and fast to install (takes up to 3 days)
  • Last up to 10 years
  • Simple car wash 


  • Makes rust problem worsen 
  • Leaves mark on your original paint colour 
  • Often look cheap and ruin the original look of the car
  • Does nor cover faded paint 
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In a nutshell, as you can see that car spray paint and car wraps have one thing that is common which is to beautify your car. Both car spray and car wrap have their own pros and cons. If your main concerns fall under this category:  variety, durability, budget and flexibility then you should opt for car wrap. It is also recommended for branding cars. Car wraps could be suitable for you! However if you think that wrap is a solution for cracked paint, you are wrong. 

If your concern is “ would it decrease my car value?” It would not. Having a vinyl wrap on your car and having it removed will not reduce the price of the car in any way. However there is a possibility that it might increase the value of your car because the vinyl has protected it from the sun damage the whole time it is on. For those who do not have any concern for anything, it would be better to opt out for car spray. It has better rust control compared to the wrap, it lasts longer, looks better and will increase your car value. Hence car spray paint would be one of the best choices especially restoring a classic car!

If you have any doubts about car wrap or car spray, you could contact any car services company or car workshop that provides any of this service or check their website to gain more information or knowledge. Make sure that it’s what you actually want before saying yes or dealing with their service.

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